Supported Living\Residential Services

Our supported living/residential services are provided in a neighborhood setting in Southeast Tulsa, near 71st & Yale, just one block from our office/outpatient clinic. Our location provides our clients easy access to community hospitals, shopping, restaurants, and public transportation. Our residence is a duplex with 3 bedrooms/2baths on each side and each client has a private bedroom with shared common areas e.g. dining room, living room, patio, etc. Based on the individuals’ programming, our clients are encouraged to participate in home style activities of daily living including cooking, laundry, housekeeping, gardening, and outdoor activities. Skilled clinical services such as speech/cognitive therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and psychological therapy can be provided in the home setting or clinic office as appropriate. Our team works closely with the family and personal physician of each client to address any medical issues that may arise. Many of our clients participate in local fitness programs and/or use our exercise equipment to help improve and maintain their physical health. Our staff assists’ our clients in community re-entry activities and are often out and about the city on a daily basis, e.g. community sporting events, church, eating out, shopping, attending local entertainment events, swimming, horseback riding, walking at nearby parks, fishing area lakes, as well as our annual camping trip to Greenleaf State Park.

Consideration for admission

Known cognitive or physical condition and limitation

Medically Stable

No threat of harm to self or others

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