Day Treatment Program

Program Description

The Outpatient Day Treatment Program supports the needs of neurologically impaired individuals who are already living in the community but need additional assistance in reaching their goals of greater independence and success in daily living and work. At this phase of recovery, medical stability has been achieved but the impact of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional changes can still severely impact success at work and at home. As a result there is often a need for continued brain injury treatment to facilitate additional recovery and maximize independence. Through the support, retraining, education, restructuring, and guidance provided by the CCRS Day Treatment Program, the individual and family unit will have a better opportunity to improve and normalize functioning at home, at work, and in the community.


Day Treatment services are individualized and the frequency and intensity of services are based on the unique needs of the client in conjunction with their personal physician. Schedules vary from daily to weekly treatment sessions depending on treatment recommendations, and are delivered in individual and/or group settings, whichever is most appropriate to the treatment goal. Extended day programming can also be arranged in addition to skilled services to assist families.



Provide a comprehensive assessment of each client’s functioning

Strengthen competence and independence in living arrangements, self-care, and managing personal affairs

Increase Competence and reliability in communication to others through increased interpersonal and
social adjustment

Return each individual to his/her highest level of functioning in the home, community, work, or school

Educate each individual and family about acquired brain injury, the rehabilitation process and identify
resources for meeting their needs within the community



Team Members


Team members include the client, family, case manager, speech/cognitive therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, and/or neuropsychologist working in concert with the treating physician


Consideration for Admission


Medically Stable


No Threat of harm to self or others


Demonstrate willingness to participate in program with motivation and potential to improve



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