Comprehensive Community Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

7146 S. Braden, Suite 500

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136

Phone - (918) 488-6165

Fax – (918) 488-8021


Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn more about our organization. Comprehensive Community Rehabilitation Services or CCRS for short is a brain injury evaluation and treatment program located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As our name implies, we offer a full range of services designed to ensure that survivors of brain injury or brain disease receive the help they need to adjust to their injury and achieve their highest level of independence. In the early stages of recovery from an injury that generally means intensive rehabilitation efforts designed to capitalize on the brain’s ability to reorganize and redistribute functions. By contrast, those rehabilitation services we provide to patients several months or years after the injury are generally designed to help them develop the necessary accommodative strategies to succeed in the real world. Hopefully that means helping them successfully rejoin their family and community. Our services are also designed to focus on identifying relevant and appropriate treatment needs, and we understand that the services we provide are ultimately designed to pave the way to real world activities. Irrespective of outcome goals, however, we are committed to making sure that brain injury survivors and their family members participate in the treatment process to the fullest extent possible.

Our team of professionals has over 100 years of combined experience in the field of brain injury rehabilitation and we are committed to helping people with disabilities attain their highest level of independence. Our team consists of:

Board Certified Neuropsychologist
Licensed Psychologists
Certified Case Manager
Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist
Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Licensed Physical Therapist and Physical Therapy Assistant
Licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

For your convenience, you will find at the top of this page a number of helpful pull down menus designed to better acquaint you with our program. If you feel our services and the commitment we offer to quality care can be of use to you, we would enjoy an opportunity to discuss your needs further. Thank you for visiting our website and considering CCRS.


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